About us



We use innovative approaches in informing and engaging with our readers and content users. We are consistently working towards more innovative ways of informing and engaging with our communities. 



We source, store and distribute of informative, entertaining and expert information through Mojatu magazines, website and partner platforms 



We engage with the communities and partners through our media and learning solutions to help solve specific community problems especially on health, illiteracy, skills, disengagement and invisibility.



Our Services



Skills and knowledge on how to capture, tell and share your personal, business or community stories and experience while engaging with the readers and viewer (written, audio, and video contents).


Mainly free powerful and automated high quality training and learning materials that you can use whenever you want from anywhere in the world.


Online LibraryKutambua


We will be launching our online library in the near future.


We support qualifying community groups to gain online presence and skills to enhance their contents capture and storage.

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Join Us


We are growing our team of experts in a wide variety of skills. See the latest openings and opportunities.